Get In, Loser. We’re Reading This Blog Post.

Most of us have lost at love a time or two. We’ve had our hearts crushed, stomped on, chewed up, spit out and left in a pile of dirt. But is this really a loss? Hell. To. The. No.

When your heart is hurting, it’s hard to imagine a hopeful future. Optimism vanishes. But two of the most marvelous things about love are that it comes from within and it will never disappear. Even in our darkest moments, love still exists. Over time, you’ll begin to feel it’s warmth again and you may begin to be comfortable with opening yourself up to new possibilities.

If someone leaves your life, they’re doing you a favor. Each time we lose, we absolutely win. We win pieces of ourselves we never knew existed. I have yet to meet someone who is flawless and complete. Our flaws are the root of deep connections.

Then, one day, a like-minded imperfectionist will come into your life and show you that there is beauty in losing. After all, they’re probably a “loser” too. 😃